Thursday, June 19, 2014


Experts in the internet marketing industry are acutely aware at how quickly the industry has changed in the past few years. Most focus on Google search engine results. They can tell you what the terms Panda, Penguin, or Hummingbird refer to. They can define words such as anchor text, keywords, URL, backlinks, and black hat. They know what SEO and OBO signify.
Many businesses have lost countless customers and the profits associated with those patrons only because they don’t know how to market their product or services on the internet. The great majority of internet shoppers utilize Google as their preferred search engine. A company that does not understand this concept is doomed. I would be like a 1980’s business in a very competitive field not using the yellow pages.
The traditional way for enhancing the search engine results of a company’s website was through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), using many techniques ranging from issuing press releases, to having multiple blogspots refer to them. Some even developed methods of having government and educational institutions refer to them in order to enhance the website’s standing in the search results.
A recent development is the use of Online Business Optimization (OBO). OBO is a term coined by internet marketing consultant Mark Maupin of Right Now Marketing. Essentially OBO is an advanced method of SEO which employs the strategy of using multiple URLs (uniform resource locators or websites) in a coordinated fashion to achieve page domination. A good example of the end result of OBO is to type in an industry name such as plumber or painter coupled with the name of the city.
Often a company will have their main website in the first position, and a directory site such as Yelp, Manta, or Merchant Circle in the number two or three spot. That same company might also have a Facebook Page and a YouTube Video also on page one. That is what Online Business Optimization is all about: page domination.

By contrast, that company’s closest competitor is not listed at all on page one, and has only one website on page two. Every day it loses customers because it neglected to hire the services of a capable internet marketing company. Any business which seeks to maintain or improve its standing in the market should consider employing an experienced internet marketing company that understand OBO. 


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